4 Fashion Missteps on the First Date

  1. Do not put on for the occasion.

Dating Definition? Dating do not need any definition, it should understand by two souls. You’re grown, so you’ve chosen something classy to go out to. Good job, your mother would be proud of you! Now you really have to adapt your outfit to the venue. It takes a small amount of effort. Effort. Pooh! But second, even the hipster beast struggles to look. You should do this as well! This does not just mean clapping some gel in your hair and winking contentedly at the mirror. The woman you are about to meet has probably racked her head for days what she should wear today. It’s more than OK to waste a few thoughts on your clothes. A well-made outfit shows that you are mature, thoughtful, interesting (at least, before you open your mouth) and that the date means something to you. That does not mean, that you have to dust off the most expensive suit. Just show that you want to show your best side and look forward to the time you give me.

  1. Do not wear clothes that does not fit.

This is not a hilarious 90s sitcom with bloated shirts. We have 2016. And Newsflash: It’s about the right fit. Do you know this one garment in which you have the feeling that you can conquer the whole world? It’s great, right? Sure, the pattern or the color could be a problem. If it’s a great color, but the fit is horrible, forget it. Have you ever seen James Bond in a T-shirt that did not fit perfectly? Of course not. What do you mean, where he gets his self-confidence? Wearing perfectly fitting clothes not only means feeling good, but also sticking out of the sea of ​​too big pants and tops.

  1. Do not think in advance.

Do you do something creative, like hiking? Brilliant! Alternative dates are a great way to get away from the standard interview review on the first date. But what after the hike? A change of clothes is definitely worth it, if you want to allow yourself afterwards a drink or a bite. Also, for a more upscale restaurant visit you should be prepared. A walk is a great way to relax and change venues that give everyone the opportunity to get to know each other better. This is your time to shine: putting the blazer over your shoulders is one of the classiest things a man can do on a date. Gentleman is not dead, but you should always be prepared if it is not the hottest summer night.

  1. Do not try to be someone else.

You have read GQ again and bought some very expensive pieces for your wardrobe? Cool. But you somehow feel that this has nothing to do with who you are or how you see yourself. Many of us like to think they are George Clooney, but we are not. Being yourself is the key to data: you do not want your date to be foolish for you, or even worse, disliked. So dress so that in the end you see your own favorite version in the mirror.

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