7 Questions to ask on your first date

To check the potential connection with a person at a first appointment, choose from these 7 questions that let you know a little more about her.

1. Organized or spontaneous?
Surprises are part of his life: you will know it with this question. Although a little organization is essential, there must also be room for surprises and unforeseen events. With this question, you will surely have a glimpse of how this new person is going to live, perhaps, in your life.

2. How did you find yourself single?
The return to the single box can be a difficult time to explain. You will see the opening your date has to talk about his previous relationship. Know how to detect if he is hiding something from you. Also, see if he puts the blame entirely on his ex.

3. Do you have brothers and sisters?
Do not forget to ask what is the order of his siblings to assess whether you are dealing with an older goat or a younger brood. It is said that the birth order has an influence on the personality. You will learn a lot with this trivial question.

4. If you could live, one year, anywhere on the planet, what would be your choice?
Head for dreams with this question of a thousand possibilities. By discovering the chosen place, you can make some deductions on his tastes and interests.

5. And your parents, how are they?
Be alert and notice the first expression that will appear on his face: it will tell you more than the answer that will serve you. You could go on to ask if the connection is better with his mother or father. But be careful: you will probably have to answer the same question. Think about your facial expression.

6. What is the last film seen / the most recent book read / his musical discovery / his new favorite sport?
Soon you will see what are his interests. The fastest answers will be those of his favorite activities. But be indulgent: it is not easy to answer these questions … test it!

7. Who are you closest to?
Basically, you want him to talk to you about the person who is most important to him: the one who knows him best. It is often touching to talk about this subject so you can discover, a little, the sensitive side of your potential partner.

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