blind date

When a friend writes you to tell you that she has a friend to introduce you to, it’s always exciting. I write “always” as if it happened often but, in fact, when Amélie text me a few weeks ago to ask me if I was game to go for a drink with one of his friends, it was the first time that I was offered a blind date in due form.

I had often asked my friends and male colleagues if they did not have a boyfriend to introduce me, but their answer often boiled down to this: “I have great friends, yes, but they are all in a relationship … My single friends, they are not very recommendable. “(No comment!)

In short, when I received the text of Amelie, which contained a photo of Olivier, the guy in question, and who said it was not the first time she believed we could have crooked atoms, and that she had finally decided to play matchmakers, I was quite enthusiastic.

The society being what it is today, it is almost impossible to have a real true “blind meeting”. Olivier’s last name in his pocket, I was able to glean some info on him on Facebook and look at several pictures. I did not ask too many details about him to Amelie, telling me that I did not want to make myself too many expectations, prejudices and preconceived images of Olivier, but I googled him …

I know, it’s contradictory my business!

Amélie told me to write to Olivier via Facebook to make an appointment; he was waiting for a message from me. After brief exchanges in which I could not really detect his personality and his humor, we agreed to go for a drink in a bar in the city center.

Before the appointment, I was pretty nervous, even though I had given myself courage with two previous cocktails with a friend. I arrived at the bar before him. When he came in, I found him cute, but a little less than his picture, where he was wearing a small beard … No matter, as soon as we started talking, I knew we was going to have a nice evening!

Olivier had jitters and did not just talk about him as many men can not help but do. We talked for more than four hours and when we said goodbye, we agreed to meet again.

When I left him – we kissed each other on the cheek and hugged a short hug – I was delighted, and I could not wait to see him again.

The next day, I wrote to Olivier to thank him for the beautiful evening and he never answered me … For two weeks, I tried to understand what could have happened, I who thought that our meeting was was well done. I even wrote to Amelie to ask her if she knew anything.

The latter seemed astonished at the silence of his friend and while I thought that for the umpteenth time my dog ​​was dead, Olivier gave a new sign of life by inviting me to a second appointment. (Note to myself: always remember that men do not have the same perception of time as women!)

In short, we’ll see you tonight! I can not wait to see if my second impression will be as good as the first!

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