DATE IDEAS- Tips to Succeed on The First Date

After a while talking, sharing photos, stories and so on, the moment of truth arrives, that long-awaited face-to-face in which every detail counts. How to break the ice, what to wear, the farewell or what topics of conversation to address may be some of the doubts that may arise before the meeting. We know how important that moment can be, that’s why we give you some tricks so that the first appointment gives way to many more. Here are some of the date ideas to make your relationship stronger.

Out of nerves There is no need to be nervous, after all you’re going to meet a person you already ‘know’. You have to face this moment with confidence in yourself and without doubting the intentions or intentions of the other, if you go to the appointment is because you want and you want to meet you so it was insecurities.

Punctuality It is a fundamental detail. It is not convenient to make the other wait for the first day, it can cause a bad impression and, in addition, it can make the other person more nervous.

No costumes Be true to your style and your tastes. You have already seen yourself in a photo, so if you consecrate or put on something you do not normally wear, you may feel uncomfortable and pretend what you are not. Remember, naturalness is your best ally.

Choosing a public place, A good option for the first time can be a bar or a restaurant. The more relaxed the environment, the better, as it will help everything to flow. If it is also a place that you already know, you can break the ice by making suggestions from the menu.

Share the conversation This is one of the points that most often concern what do I speak? The best thing is to be spontaneous and improvise. You can talk about hobbies, music, trips, always nice topics that avoid controversy. It is also important to let the other speak, or to cope with the conversation or be quiet or respond in monosyllables.

Disconnect for a few hours Leave a while parked WhatsApp, work mail, Facebook and everything that distracts you from your appointment. It is very uncomfortable to be with someone and that he is all the time with the phone in his hand without hearing anything you tell him. Your friends can wait but the person in front of you may not.

Plan B, C and even Z It is good to have more than one plan in mind if things get longer, do not stay blank at the door of the bar or restaurant without knowing what else to do and that this causes the end. If you notice in the dessert that there is a possibility of lengthening the appointment think fast where to go.

The farewell If it has gone well, things will come up by themselves with a kiss. However, if the appointment has left you cold it is best to be direct and make your intentions clear. Do not leave the horizon open without specifying or saying any of those phrases made “whether that’s what we say” or “well, we’ll see each other”.

And with these tips you’re ready for the first big date. Do you already know who you are going to be with or are you still looking for the ideal person?

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