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Being alone is appropriate for a time, but solitude quickly becomes heavy. To leave your home and expand your circle of acquaintances and friends, there are many options, from classic ones like associations, to more original ones like the evening with strangers. We offer 10 great ideas for dating wherever you are!

Meeting people in a bar
The bars are a meeting place par excellence. But to be certain of having something to share with the people who will approach you (or that you will approach!), It is better to choose a place in agreement with your personality and your centers of interest. From literary coffee to the Philo Cafe to the salsa bar and the karaoke bar, there are not so many ideas. The best ? Come back every week to be part of the circle of “regulars” and meet even more people.

Meet people in nightclubs yes, but …
Often when we talk about trading place, we think of nightclubs, pubs or private clubs. This is a possibility to consider if you want to make meetings rather volatile. Firstly because it is very difficult to engage in conversation in these noisy places and two, because the people met at night will rarely be the day. You’re likely to train your new friends for a new night of craziness, but to go see the latest exhibition of contemporary art is another matter!

Evenings board games to overcome loneliness
Saturday, you have decided, you will not spend the evening watching TV! But where to go to break the loneliness that lurks? And if you were trying to party board games? Many are today the structures that organize: bar games, MJC, associations … The idea? Meet around themed games, general public or unknown, to spend a friendly moment. Many people go alone to this kind of party. So you have every chance to meet people.

Sports meetings
Are you passionate about sports or do you want to go there? Sports clubs are a good opportunity to meet people. Prefer a team sport wherever possible or a small fitness room to promote exchanges. Large structures are not conducive to the discovery of the other!

Sing louder to ward off loneliness
Communion by singing, does it speak to you? Being part of a music group or choir is a great option to meet new people. If you have the right voice, look for the gospel choir closest to you, for example. A good idea if you do not know how to make friends.

Volunteering for new encounters
By joining an association, you invest in a group. A great opportunity to meet people. And you are spoiled for choice: charity, organization of events, tutoring, animation … associations that need volunteers are numerous throughout France.

Adult vacations to meet people
Well, if you opt for a stay reserved for over 18, you will make many meetings, that’s for sure. But be forewarned, they will usually be ephemeral and geared towards drag and fun. But for a few days, this is not unpleasant!

Meetings at the workplace
To break the routine of loneliness, you could suggest to your office colleagues to have a drink at the end of the day. You may be surprised to meet new people even though you have these people in front of you all day.

The magic of the Internet to stop loneliness
If you are shy, taking the first step towards others is difficult. To overcome loneliness, head to your computer. The internet is full of free dating sites. Virtually at first, they can then materialize in a very real place.

An app to meet people
Always focused on new technologies, here is a perfect way to meet new people while having fun. The Excuse MyParty application allows you to register for parties organized by complete strangers. You have no excuse for not getting out of your isolation!

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