First Date Ideas in Winter

Date Ideas in winter?

Dating knows no hibernation! So that you do not have to sit alone in the cold season in front of the stove, you need nothing more than an idea for an exciting date and of course a charming companion. We have put together our 7 best ideas for a winter date. No matter if you like it completely relaxed, romantic or maybe sporty, there is something for everyone!

1st Christmas market

How could a first date ideas in the cold season start more relaxed than at a Christmas market? You stroll from place to place, drink a delicious mulled wine or a Feuerzangenbowle and enjoy together a few roasted almonds. So you get to know each other informally and at the latest after the second cup with a shot, the last tension is gone. For the advanced ones among you, there is also the Christmas market hopping in the cities where you will explore several markets – you do not want to miss anything! Depending on how long you stay, you can still go to the restaurant, the bar or go home …

  1. Bake cookies

Netflix and Chill is too obvious to you? Then invite your date to cook cookies! This is totally harmless, fun and YOU even have a few homemade Christmas presents for the grandparents! You need nothing more than a halfway furnished kitchen; a few baking molds and the ingredients are also quickly bought. There are heaps of recipes online, it does not fail. For baking and snacking tastes a delicious cocoa or mulled wine. After you’ve eaten lots of dough and cookies, you should of course think about how you can burn all the calories in a timely manner – in bouldering, for example!!

  1. Bouldering

A sporting date in winter? Sure, why not!? After the many cookies and one or the other mulled wine at the Christmas market a little sport is not a bad idea – and certainly not together. For example, try out indoor bouldering: You can climb up walls in a hall without a fuse, of course only at jump height. After a quick introduction, you can start and you can climb through the different routes and levels of difficulty together. Then you feel very sporty and you can cuddle on the couch in good conscience – and eat some cookies again!

  1. Sledding

Why should not a date be funny and playful in winter? If there’s enough snow, the sledging hill is definitely the more exciting alternative to the café around the corner, where you’ve carried your last 5 dates! Everywhere in the cities there are opportunities to race down a mountain and dodge molehills in breakneck maneuvers – or not. A sled can usually also be organized faster than expected, for example with the neighbors or the lovely parents! After a few hours on the sledging hill, you really deserve the hot cocoa and you can end the day relaxing on the couch or in style in front of the fireplace.

   5. Christmas shopping

You once again completely planned to get the Christmas gifts and even for online orders, there is plenty of shortage? You’re probably not alone with that! If you have a bit of shopping left or no idea what to give to your loved ones, a shopping spree is the perfect choice. Find a few gifts together or just give yourself a present. In between, there may still be time for a coffee or you can eat a snack afterwards.

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