Optimize Your Meetings on the Internet

Every year, thousands of weddings are the result of meetings made on dating sites or social networks (Facebook, etc.). The world of online dating has become a popular market for young and old, because it allows to meet anyone around the world. What could be better than to meet while being comfortably at home or in your office. This allows you to do several things at once. To succeed in getting by and getting to the right places is not easy and you will definitely need some tips to succeed.

Here are some general tips that will probably allow you to make the meetings you want. You need to choose a dating site that suits you. There are many sites dedicated to online dating like Meetic, Wekiss, Friend Finder, etc. Sites like Facebook do not really offer you blind date, but in view of his attendance you can still try to meet people.

1 – Create an attractive profile

The first and most important piece of advice for meeting online is creating an engaging profile to attract as many people as possible. You need to create a profile that attracts everyone who visits your profile. Make your profile positive, happy, easy to read and unique. Instead of describing yourself by saying “I’m a fun man” (especially annoying), try spicing it up by saying “if the fun was an ocean, I’ll be happy to navigate it all my life”. Phrases like that attract people who visit your profile and it shows them that you are someone unique. This advice is especially important for men, because a fun man who has wit is necessarily appreciated by women.

Avoid negative comments like “I’m alone” or “I do not believe in love since my ex has deceived me”. Negative comments indicate that you are not comfortable with yourself. You must also regularly update your profile. Re-reading the same things about someone can quickly tie up and your profile will no longer be viewed. Also add comments about your state of mind or what you think, it shows that you really get involved in looking for someone. Well after creating an attractive profile, let’s move on to the conversation stage.

2 – Mastering the art of discussion

A good conversation is the first sign of possible compatibility. Do you know what a woman is looking for when she meets online? Interesting conversations, that’s what she’s looking for. This does not mean that you have to talk about yourself all the time. There are many ways to start a conversation with a man or a woman. Starting a conversation with a compliment can be a good thing. For example, you can ask him, “Where do you get that pretty smile?” or “I love your musical tastes !!!”

Be sure to start a conversation with something that interests the person in front of you. How to know these interests? By going on his profile, you can see what that person likes or dislikes. I’m not telling you to lie to him and pretend to be someone you are not. If you do not like his musical tastes, do not tell him that you like them, but tell him rather “You should listen to house, I’m sure you’d like it.” (do it according to the style of music you like). In this way, you show him that you have your own tastes and that you do not lie to him to try to please him. Trying to look exactly like the person you want to seduce is a very bad thing. You must try to stand out.

During the first conversation, try not to be too heavy or too friendly. Be fun and interesting. Try a soft tone by making a compliment rather than looking desperate or heavy. For example, if you want to compliment a woman on her picture, instead of saying “You’re so hot on this picture.”, Tell her instead “You know this woman in the photo? I cannot detach my eyes of her. “

One of the most important aspects when you start a conversation with someone is respect. Most men think that if a woman takes the first step to argue, it means she wants to get laid. It’s really sad, but men are particularly bad when it comes to understanding women. For all the women who will read this article, if you like a man, do not wait for him to take the first step and start the conversation. Face reality, if you are interested in him, it’s up to you to start the conversation. On the other hand, be careful because men often misunderstand the intentions of a woman who takes the first step. Send him an email and wait for his answer.

When talking with someone on the net, make humor your best friend. Do not always be humorous, alternate serious phases and phases of humor.

3 – Being yourself

Being yourself is the key to having a sincere and lasting relationship, it is necessary to be yourself from the beginning of the relationship. There is no point in building an image just to seduce a man or a woman, it will not lead you to anything. You will never get beyond the stage of the virtual, because the person in front of you will quickly realize that you are not the one you say you are. There is no better thing for a woman than to meet a man who is true to himself and who assumes his differences. Same for a man. Men are very impressed by the women who take care of themselves and want to be loved for who they are.

4 – Update your profile with recent photos

Both men and women have their first impressions thanks to the photo on the profile. Whether you admit it or not, a man or a woman will want to get in touch with someone whose photo will have pleased. There is nothing strange about this, because in a dating site the photo is the only way to know who we have in front of us. This is how men and women decide to come into contact or not. Moreover, if you regularly put recent pictures of yourself, it shows how sociable and comfortable you are with your body.

Now that you know all the secrets to meet online, do not hesitate anymore and get started in this beautiful adventure!!!

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