Six Scientific Tips to Succeed on a First Date

We have all heard a thousand stories of disastrous first dates, the truth is that there is no shortage of books or information on the Internet about what needs to be done to overcome the challenge.

Valentine is coming and in Stikets we want to celebrate talking about love, in particular, memorable first dates, for whatever reason, we will not be picky …

Some tips on first dates sound more like the ingredients of a magic potion, but others It seems that they are based on scientific studies. Recently, the magazine Muy Interesante gathers in an article 6 curious advice backed by researchers

  1. Good conversation:

Experts recommend not to rehearse, ask a little risky and personal questions.

  1. Visual contact:

Too much contact transmits domination and little means shyness or insecurity. Scientists recommend 7 to 10 seconds.

  1. Mimicry:

Unconsciously imitating someone awakens the attraction of the imitated person, makes them feel more comfortable with that person.

  1. Ask for dessert:

Scientists recommend taking something sweet because the consumption of sugar facilitates romantic thoughts.

  1. Perform physical exercise:

It is shown that the practice of sports increases the adrenaline, which increases the attraction between two people.

  1. Watch your feet:

They are the farthest part of the brain and the one we tend to control less consciously. They usually point to what interests us.

And if the first date ideas is a success and many more come, do not forget important dates such as anniversaries or Valentine’s Day. With the new technologies it seems that the chocolates and bouquets of flowers are behind but it is clear that a simple greeting on WhatsApp is not the same.

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