Tips to Be Successful in a Speed ​​Dating

A first quick appointment? Do not worry, we have some recommendations to be successful in a speed dating and will help you to take advantage of the time of the appointment.

The first date ideas always causes nerves in its participants, but what happens if it is a Speed ​​Dating? Time is limited: 5 minutes to meet each of the people who share experience with you. Is it possible to forget the few minutes to focus on knowing who you have in front of you?

Here are some tips and tricks so that, despite the time limit, your Speed ​​Dating will be a success:

  •        Assist with a positive attitude and focus your attention on knowing the other person. To avoid distractions, turn off the mobile phone. In addition, it will be a sign of respect towards the rest of the participants.
  •        Always look in the eyes and show interest in knowing your appointment. Do not get distracted and keep an open attitude, it will favor the participation of the other person.
  •        Ask what you want to know. Speed ​​Dating does not give you time to think too much, so it will be better to get down to business. Talk about topics that interest you and that are important to you. This will allow them to know you better.
  •        Do not judge. Try to converse openly without making your appointment uncomfortable because of what you may be thinking about it. Put yourself in their place, you can both share the nerves for the quick appointment. It is important that you avoid topics such as politics or religion, as they may be compromised.
  •        Do not overdo the costumes. Be yourself and you will make a good impression. You will not be trying to pretend what you are not really and this will encourage others to see you as natural.

Have not you tried a Speed ​​Dating yet? It’s a different opportunity to meet new people and, who knows, maybe find the love of your life.

Our Speed ​​Dating in Seville is an activity for singles in which we are sure you will have a great time.

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