Top 8 Topics of Conversation on The First Date

We have collected for you our 8 most popular topics on the first date

A question that ask many users when the first Ohlala Date is established: What should I talk to an (almost) strangers?

Should one be able to present his curriculum vitae from birth to today in chronological order, or should he prefer to concentrate on specific topics such as hobbies or profession? We’ve collected our 8 most popular topics for you on an Ohlala date:

  •        everyday anecdotes
  •        Dreams and visions
  •        to travel
  •        job
  •        future plans
  •        Current affairs
  •        Philosophical thoughts
  •        Sports

Men and women prefer to chat about anecdotes from their everyday lives. But it does not always have to be reports of past experiences. Also interesting are dreams and visions of her date. What does he / she still want to achieve in life, what does he really want to do? It is noticeable – in our team survey – that women like to remain noncommittal on the first date ideas regarding the topics of conversation. Men, on the other hand, want to learn more about their counterparts on the first date: they value a bit more to hear about the dreams and visions of the chosen ones.

If you are desperately looking for topics to talk about on your next Ohlala date, just remember this Top 8 and there’s nothing to stand in the way of a casual conversation.

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